Isolation Valves

Barriers to contain fluids and prevent formation damage

Schlumberger isolation barrier valves safeguard reservoirs by providing a reliable barrier between the wellbore and formation and by containing fluids during completions and workover operations—preventing damage to the formation and minimizing workover costs.

Increased safety, efficiency, and production

Isolation valves will help you increase wellbore safety by isolating the formation and containing reservoir fluids, increase efficiency by enabling batch drilling and completion operations, and enhance production by preventing formation damage.

Enhanced reliability

Schlumberger installed the industry’s first barrier valve in 1996. Since that time, we have installed more than all other manufacturers combined―more than 1,700. Today, all our isolation valves use core technology components from the original FIV formation isolation valve, resulting in the most tested and reliable isolation barrier valves available.

Wide range of applications

We offer isolation valves to suit a range of

  • environments, including deepwater and subsea
  • completion types: annular intelligent completions and those with stand-alone screens
  • applications: ESP workovers, gravel- and frac-packing, temporary well suspensions, lubrication for long perforating intervals, and underbalanced perforating.

FORTRESS Premium Isolation Valve

The FORTRESS valve isolates reservoir fluids in the lower completion and allows operators to transition from the lower to the upper completion without intervention. It is designed to withstand severe debris environments and optimize the available actuation energy— predictably, consistently, and reliably.

Formation Isolation Valves

The FIV-II formation isolation valve allows transition from completion to production without exposing the formation to damaging kill fluids, thereby maximizing well productivity and optimizing hydrocarbon recovery.

Mechanical Isolation Valve

This mechanical version of the FIV-II formation isolation valve serves as a bidirectional barrier to isolate the reservoir fluids within the lower completion, protecting the formation from damaging fluids.

Annulus-Controlled Shrouded Isolation Valve

The AFIV annulus-controlled shrouded isolation valve is used in selective multizone intelligent completions and uses a sleeve-type barrier, not a ball, to isolate the tubing from the annulus.

Surface-Controlled Bidirectional Isolation Valve

Actuated from surface through a single or dual control lines, this valve serves as a barrier to isolate reservoir fluids within the lower completion and maintains its pressure integrity through multiple operating cycles. 

Tubing Isolation Valve

This interventionless tool allows automatic filling of the tubing, multiple completion pressure tests before and after setting the packer, annulus fluid circulation, and hydraulic setting of the packer before cycling open to allow fullbore through-tubing access.

Postproduction Valves

Designed for pre- and postproduction or pre- and postinjection applications, these bidirectional barrier valves can be opened and closed multiple times, while maintaining pressure integrity over their predetermined life cycle.

Interventionless Valve Triggers

Two options are available for triggering one-time remote opening for a number of our isolation valves—the nitrogen trigger and the s-trigger.

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Manage Debris Accumulation in Harsh Environments

FORTRESS isolation valve
The FORTRESS isolation valve withstands severe debris environments and optimizes the available actuation energy—predictably, consistently, and reliably. Visit FORTRESS valve page

More than 1,700 Isolation Valves Installed Worldwide

 Formation Isolation Valves
Formation isolation valves provide a reliable barrier and contain fluids during completions and workover operations.
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