FORTRESS Premium Isolation Valve

Isolation of reservoir fluids with barrier valves

The FORTRESS premium isolation valve isolates reservoir fluids in the lower completion and allows operators to transition from the lower to the upper completion without intervention. The valve is designed to withstand severe debris environments and optimize the available actuation energy— predictably, consistently, and reliably.

Extensive testing was done to improve performance

The new FORTRESS valve design was based on extensive testing, done to identify the effects of debris and the relation of debris to the actuation energy required to remotely open the valve.

Modifications resulted in more shifting force

On the basis of the testing, we modified numerous valve and shifting tool features to minimize gaps where debris tends to collect and to minimize the energy lost to frictional effects of debris. The result was much more energy available for actuation.

New contingency shifting tool is available

In addition to the enhanced mechanical shifting tool, an optional hydrostatically actuated contingency shifting tool is now available with up to five times the force of the mechanical tool, ensuring that the valve can be opened remotely in extreme conditions.

We set the standard

Schlumberger isolation valves have set the standard for barrier valve performance and reliability, and the new FORTRESS valve is no exception. It has been more stringently tested that any other valve in the industry. Qualified to bubble-tight conditions, it meets or exceeds ISO 28781 barrier standards.

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FORTRESS Valve Debris Tested to Higher Standards 

FORTRESS Isolation Valve
Debris accumulation is one of the biggest factors affecting valve performance. We conducted a study to better understand the effects of debris on valve performance.
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Design Features Optimize Available Actuation Energy

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