Intelligent Completions

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Remote reservoir monitoring and control in real time

Intelligent completions incorporate permanent downhole sensors and surface-controlled downhole flow control valves, enabling you to monitor, evaluate, and actively manage production (or injection) in real time without any well interventions. Data are transmitted to surface for local or remote monitoring.

These completions

  • provide real-time zonal downhole monitoring of pressures and temperatures
  • enable surface-controlled production from each zone or lateral to optimize production and reservoir management
  • reduce production of undesirable water or gas
  • increase recovery and extend the economic life of the well
  • allow production testing of individual zones without interventions and with minimal production interruption.

Initially used in subsea wells, where intervention is expensive and high-risk, intelligent completions have since proven their value in managing production from multilateral wells, horizontal wells with multiple zones, wells in heterogeneous reservoirs, and mature reservoirs.

IntelliZone Compact Modular Multizonal Management System

The IntelliZone Compact modular multizonal management system is the first fully integrated intelligent flow control system for multizone wells. It provides an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to control wells on land and offshore.

Downhole Flow Control Valves

Flow control valves are used in multizone intelligent completions, commingled-flow completions, auto (natural) gas-lift wells, and well environments with scale deposition, severe erosion, or high temperature conditions.

Zonal Isolation

Permanent Monitoring Systems

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Control Zones and Manage
Flow in Intelligent Wells

Technical animation of Intellizone zonal management system
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