IntelliZone Compact Modular Multizonal Management System

Flow control technology for multizone wells

The IntelliZone Compact modular multizonal management system is the first fully integrated flow control technology for multizone wells. It brings together as one compact unit an advanced design and production modeling engine, a fully integrated completion module, and a user-friendly, remote operating system.

Preassembly and pretesting minimize installation rig time

The system is assembled and tested at manufacturing and delivered as a single, integrated unit ready to install out of the box, minimizing field connections.

Multidrop capability reduces deployment complexity

The system’s integrated design helps reduce the number of hydraulic lines required without reducing the number of valves the operator can control downhole. The multidrop capability simplifies the wellhead interface and eliminates the requirement for custom wellheads.

Two-click computer control simplifies valve control

With control logic programmed into the surface control system, valve operation is a simple two-click computer command. Unlike sliding sleeves, no rig-based intervention is required to modify valve position.

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IntelliZone Compact System Saves Operator USD 400,000 per Well

IntelliZone Compact System Cuts Rig Time, Prevents Water Breakthrough, and Saves Operator USD 400,000 per Well
The modular multizonal management system prevented water breakthrough in the marginal reservoirs, producing more than 99% oil with a water cut of less than 1%. Read case study

Control Zones and Manage
Flow in Intelligent Wells

Technical animation of Intellizone zonal management system
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