WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring Systems

Point and distributed measurements in real time

WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems integrate the most advanced permanent downhole measurement technology with surface acquisition and data communication systems to allow remote monitoring of wells and reservoirs in real time. Pressure, temperature, density, and flow rate data are transmitted to remote locations via satellite, the Internet, or cable.

The data provide long-term reservoir and production monitoring without the cost of well interventions, helping you optimize well productivity and hydrocarbon recovery by identifying trends throughout the producing life of your well or field.

Permanent Downhole Gauges

Distributed Permanent Measurement Systems

WellWatcher Advisor Real-Time Intelligent Completion Software

Wellsite Data Transmission System

Multistage Stimulation Assurance System

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Thermal well model and flow distribution model
WellWatcher BriteBlue multimode DTS fiber reveals flow rate changes in real time, enabling the reservoir management strategy to be adjusted accordingly. Read case study

Industry’s only PDG qualified to 200 degC for over 10 years

Pressure and temperature ratings for WellWatcher system downhole gauges
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Applications of WellWatcher Systems

  • Production allocation
  • Productivity analysis
  • Inflow profiling
  • Pressure transient analysis (PTA)
  • Decline analysis
  • Transient and thermal recovery analysis
  • Completion integrity monitoring
  • Skin evolution monitoring
  • Intelligent completions management
  • Artificial lift system optimization
  • Riser temperature monitoring
  • Opportunistic pressure buildup capture
  • Enhanced bubblepoint and sanding pressure drawdown control
  • Improved reservoir pressure history matching