Electrical Permanent Downhole Gauge Systems

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Advanced pressure, temperature, density, and flow rate measurements

As many as 30 WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems can be connected to a single cable, and they include a wide range of downhole electrical gauges and associated systems for point measurements of pressure, temperature, flow rate, and fluid density.

WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring System Gauge Specifications
Gauge System Max. Working
psi [MPa]
Max. Working
degC [degF]
per Cable
WellWatcher Sapphire   10,000 [69] 110 [230] 6
WellWatcher Quartz LT
10,000 [69]
130 [266]  6
WellWatcher Quartz 10,000 [69]
16,000 [110]
25,000 [172]
30,000 [207]
180 [356]
180 [356]
180 [356]
180 [356]
WellWatcher Extend
16,000 [110]
150 [302]
WellWatcher Remote 
10,000 [69]
110 [230]
FloWatcher monitoring system 25,000 [172] 175 [347] na

Not applicable

These gauges incorporate the most recent innovations in quartz and sapphire transducers, fully welded assemblies, corrosion-resistant alloys, and robust electronic components. Advanced cable head connector technology enhances reliability at the system level.

Accurate, stable measurements across a wide operating range

Bidirectional, high-rate data communication and electrical power are provided by a single permanent cable, simplifying installation and decreasing the number of wellhead and packer penetrations. The cable head features redundant, independent seals for improved reliability. A welded cable head is also available for the highest system protection against corrosive liquids, shock, vibration, and tensile load.

Rigorous qualification at reservoir conditions

Gauge performance is validated in a controlled test cell where drift stability is measured at simulated reservoir pressure and temperature. During this measurement period, the gauges are also subjected to power on-off cycles and temperature cycling to simulate the most demanding operating conditions. These accelerated aging tests simulate multiple years at the rated temperature. Repeated and rigorous shock and vibration testing qualifies the entire assembly for deployment in production and injection wells.

FloWatcher Flow Rate, Fluid Density & PT Monitoring System

WellWatcher Remote Battery-Powered PT Monitoring System

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100% Survivability Rate in More Than 4,000 Intellitite Connectors Since 2004

100% Survivability Rate in More Than 4,000 Intellitite Downhole Dual-Seal Dry-Mate Connectors Since 2004
Intellitite downhole dual-seal dry-mate connectors ensure integrity of WellWatcher monitoring system permanent downhole electrical gauges for the life of the well. Read tech report