COLOSSUS M2M Metal-to-Metal Expandable Liner Hanger System

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With Metalmorphology metal-to-metal sealing technology

Distinguished by a unique metal-to-metal sealing technology, the COLOSSUS M2M metal-to-metal expandable liner hanger system portfolio offers a robust suite of liner hanger tools.

The proprietary Metalmorphology metal-to-metal sealing technology enables the liner hanger system components to perfectly conform to the shape of the casing string and retain a metal-to-metal, gas-tight, V0-rated annular seal for the life of the well.

COLOSSUS M2M Metal-to-Metal Expandable Liner Hanger System

LH Max System
System ISO rating
V6, V3
Drill down
Liner rotation Yes
Hanger setting mechanism
Running tool release method Hydraulic or mechanical
Well type Oil
Applications Vertical to horizontal

LH Max high-pressure expandable liner hanger system

The LH Max hanger system is a premium system designed for all types of wells. The hybrid design has all the features and benefits of an expandable liner hanger as well as the strength and quality materials of a conventional liner hanger.

Load anchor

The load anchor system provides full metal-to-metal anchoring of tieback casing, effectively removing the transferred compression load to the liner tieback and liner hanger.

Liner tieback

The liner tieback system is a full axial-load-bearing connection system that connects liners to a tieback string of casing with a permanent, durable seal. 

Casing reconnect

The casing reconnect is a full axial-load-bearing reconnection solution that seamlessly replaces stuck or damaged casing. With no elastomers and no reduction in ID, the reliable casing reconnect system can be used to back out casing, realign space out, and provide an economical alternative to costly sidetrack operations.

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