COLOSSUS Premium Rotational Liner Hanger System

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Rotatable system for deep offshore and land wells

The COLOSSUS premium rotational liner hanger system is designed for highly deviated boreholes, where the liner hanger must withstand high-torque and high-tensile loads.

Optimized load, pressure, bypass ratings

Hydraulically set and released, each component is engineered to optimize the load, pressure, and bypass ratings of the complete system and can be pushed, pulled, and rotated as required to work the string to total depth.

Design suited for challenging environments

Applications include deepwater and deep onshore wells; HPHT environments; and horizontal, extended-reach, tight, and highly deviated wellbores requiring considerable hanging and drilldown capabilities.

Optimized completion operation

Using the COLOSSUS liner hanger system can reduce casing costs, improve cement jobs, minimize formation damage, and maximize well control during the completion operation.

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System Components

COLOSSUS Liner Hanger System

  • Rotating, hydraulically or hydromechanically set
  • Deepwater, HPHT environments requiring high-hanging capacity, and high-torque and drill-down capabilities
COLOSSUS liner hanger components


Date Title
Aug 2013 COLOSSUS Premium Liner Hanger System (1.57 MB PDF)
Jan 2013 COLOSSUS Premium Liner Hanger System Overview (11.12 MB PDF)

Components Engineered to Optimize System Pressure, Load, and Bypass Ratings

COLOSSUS System Components
Designed for deepwater and deep onshore wells, HPHT environments, and horizontal, extended-reach, and deviated wellbores.
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