Pocket-Slip Liner Hanger System

Rotational system for optimized pressure integrity

The pocket-slip rotational liner hanger system is designed for high-pressure, high-gas-rate wells that require optimized pressure integrity at the liner top.

The system’s hanger is positioned above the liner top packer to eliminate differential pressure at the hanger, thereby improving pressure integrity and reducing equivalent circulating density while running-in-hole. Its high-hanging capacity supports extra-heavy liners.

Drive slots in the liner top permit the liner to be rotated while it is being run in hole to navigate around obstructions. The system can be run with either a packer or a tieback receptacle for rotational or non-rotational applications.

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Pocket-Slip Liner Hanger System
Designed to hang extremely heavy liners in heavy wall casing—suitable for wells with close tolerances.
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Complete Portfolio of Liner Hanger Systems

Liner Hanger Systems
Our product portfolio includes a full line of liner hanger systems for conventional and complex applications.
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