TrackMaster OH Openhole Whipstock Sidetracking System

The TrackMaster OH system’s design features a hydraulically set expandable anchor and a steel ramp. The anchor has an internal lock system to hold the TrackMaster OH system in place after setting. The steel ramp provides a bit-friendly means of controlling kickoff depth and orientation, eliminating the uncertainty of kicking off with a cement plug.

One- and two-trip, orientable and retrievable systems are used in applications that do not require isolation below the kickoff point.

One-Trip Bit-to-Whipstock Combination

The one-trip set whipstock and drill system includes options for positive displacement motors, PowerDrive rotary steerable systems, and Neyrfor turbodrilling systems.

trackmaster_oh_roller_cone          trackmaster_oh_pdc          trackmaster_oh_impreg

One-Trip Mill-to-Whipstock Combination



The short FasTrack one-trip bi-mill drills rathole before tripping for a directional assembly.

Two-Trip Shear Sub to Whipstock Combination


The shear sub to a whipstock affords the best conveyance high dogleg severity or poor hole conditions. After setting the whipstock, a trip for the drill-ahead assembly can be made.

Openhole Whipstock System Saves 7,732 ft of Lateral Wellbore in Eagle Ford Shale

Sidetracking operation with a high-side kickoff at 90° inclination avoids plugging and redrilling 8 1/2-in curve and lateral. Download tech report (0.33 MB PDF)

TrackMaster OH System Sets GOM Sidetracking Record

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The system sidetracked 31,513 ft in the mature, complex, deepwater field to enable directional drilling assemblies to reach planned target. Read case study


  • Sidetracking formations with unconfined compressive strengths of up to 40,000 psi
  • Landing laterals with tight true vertical depth (TVD) tolerances
  • Maximizing reservoir recovery with optimized horizontal lateral