TrackMaster OH-C Openhole Whipstock and Cementing System


Sidetrack on the first attempt

The TrackMaster OH-C system facilitates initiation of a sidetrack while allowing cementing of the lower zones. The system eliminates the uncertainty of kicking off with a cement plug and the need for expensive, repeat attempts. 

Create a clean, smooth transition

The TrackMaster OH-C system allows pumping cement through the whipstock, anchor, and tailpipe. A clean, smooth transition is created for directional and horizontal applications. The process begins by running the whipstock and expandable anchor in hole at approximately 2 min/stand. With an all-mechanical anchor design that eliminates packer elements, faster trip-in speeds are attainable.

The whipstock slide is oriented, an activation ball is dropped, and the expandable anchor is hydraulically set at the optimal depth with the anchor firmly gripping the borehole.

The burst barrel is ruptured to establish communication with the annulus.

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Optimize cement plug placement at specific depths

The anchor and whipstock are released from the stinger assembly through a ball-activated collet assembly. The system’s cementing stinger is designed with a retention collet, which allows the whipstock to support extended lengths of tailpipe below the anchor for precise cement plug placement. The collet secures the cementing stinger to the anchor until an activation ball is dropped. This feature enhances strength and reliability and allows running the whipstock in poor hole conditions.

Cement is pumped through the whipstock, unseating the stinger, and pulling out of hole. Expandable anchor technology with triaxial steel slips span multiple hole sizes and optimize placement at specific depths.


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Perform immediate sidetracking

The directional drilling BHA is run in immediately to establish the desired borehole trajectory and drill ahead. Deflection is provided by the bit-friendly ramp design that lowers bending stresses in the drilling assembly. Immediate sidetracking eliminates the time spent waiting for cement to cure. The anchor slip design allows flow around the anchor, avoiding bullheading cement.

With the bit-friendly slide section, either PDC or roller cone bits can be used for the drill-ahead run without risk of damaging the bit.

Openhole Sidetracking with Whipstock Saves 1.5 Days in Unconventional Play

TrackMaster OH-C system reduces time for openhole sidetracking in Eagle Ford shale. Read case study

Whipstock System Sets and Cements in a Single Trip

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