Multistage Stimulation Systems

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A range of options for hydraulic fracturing of multiple stages

Schlumberger multistage fracturing systems are designed to stimulate multiple stages efficiently and effectively. These systems—cemented and uncemented—can be used in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells.

Operator Quadruples Production and Cuts 5 Days in Rig Time and Associated Costs

Falcon uncemented multistage stimulation system provides cost-effective, efficient solution for hydraulic fracturing in multilayered reservoir.
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Plug and Perf

Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf

Continuous Pumping Stimulation

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Degradable Fracture Ball and Seat Eliminates Poststimulation Milling

Infinity Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf System
Zavanna saved 50 hours by deploying the Infinity dissolvable plug-and-perf system, eliminating poststimulation millout and risks associated with conventional milling operations.
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Identify Connectivity Between Fractures or Clusters

WellWatcher Contact Multistage Stimulation Assurance System
The WellWatcher Contact system uses permanently installed multifiber cable on the casing to acquire DAS, DTS, and optional pressure data during multistage stimulation operations to confirm that the stages, clusters, and perforations are responding as expected. Visit WellWatcher Contact System page