Multistage Stimulation Systems

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A range of options for hydraulic fracturing of
multiple stages

Schlumberger multistage fracturing systems are designed to stimulate multiple stages efficiently and effectively. These systems—cemented and uncemented—can be used in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells.

Operator Quadruples Production and Cuts 5 Days in Rig Time and Associated Costs

Falcon uncemented multistage stimulation system provides cost-effective, efficient solution for hydraulic fracturing in multilayered reservoir. Read case study

Plug and Perf

Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf

Continuous Pumping Stimulation

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ELEMENTAL Technology Wins Hart's E&P Award for Engineering Innovation

ELEMENTAL degradable technology for multistage fracturing wins E&P award for engineering innovation.
Frac balls and seats made with ELEMENTAL degradable technology dissolve completely within hours or days, eliminating the risk of stuck frac balls and the need to mill them.
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KickStart Valve Wins Best Completion Technology in World Oil Competition

World Oil
The KickStart rupture disc valve eliminates an intervention to perforate the first stage of multistage stimulation operations, providing a more efficient way to start the fracturing process.
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