Multistage Stimulation Systems

A range of options for hydraulic fracturing of
multiple stages

Schlumberger multistage stimulation systems are designed to fracture and stimulate multiple stages efficiently and effectively. These systems—cemented and uncemented—can be used in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells.

Operator Quadruples Production and Cuts 5 Days in Rig Time and Associated Costs

Falcon uncemented multistage stimulation system provides cost-effective, efficient solution for hydraulic fracturing in multilayered reservoir. Read case study

Plug and Perf

Perforate and fracture cased hole wells using optimal parameters for each stage.

Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf

Eliminate expensive, time-consuming milling operations and related limits on lateral length and enable fullbore production through degradable frac balls, used with or without degradable seats.

Continuous Pumping Stimulation

Isolate and stimulate multiple stages in cemented and uncemented wells in a single continuous operation.

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KickStart Valve Wins Award
for Engineering Innovation

E&P MEA Medal
The KickStart rupture disc valve eliminates an intervention to perforate the first stage of plug-and-perf operations, providing a more efficient way to start the fracturing process.
Visit KickStart Valve page

Isolate and Stimulate Multiple Zones Continuously

Falcon System
The Falcon multistage stimulation system for uncemented wells stimulates many stages in sequence, minimizing downhole trips, reducing downtime between stages, and lowering the amount of fluids and proppant needed. Visit Falcon System page