Copperhead Big Bore Flow-Through
Frac Plug

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Allows fluids to flow freely from below the plug
after stimulation

The Copperhead Big Bore flow-through frac plug is a cast-iron frac plug used to isolate zones during multistage stimulation. A large flow-through ID allows fluids to flow freely from below the plug after stimulation, as well as facilitating interventions later in the life of the well. A proprietary antipreset ring prevents early setting of the plug, enabling higher speeds for running in. 

Enables higher-pressure fracturing and
deeper installation

High-strength frac balls made with ELEMENTAL degradable technology enable higher fracturing pressures and longer stimulation intervals. Once the degradable frac ball is in position, the frac plug holds pressure up to 10,000 psi [68,947 kPa] for up to 8 hours. The plug can be set using wireline, coiled tubing (CT), or jointed pipe, and it is therefore suitable for horizontal extended-reach and deep wells where the use of CT is not feasible.

Uses dissolvable frac balls for interventionless production

The aluminum alloy frac balls dissolve completely, even in wells with temperatures as low as 100 degF [38 degC], eliminating issues of stuck frac balls and the need for intervention to mill them out. The design of the Copperhead Big Bore frac plug ensures that the flow path remains open after the degradable frac ball has dissolved.

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Large Flow-Through ID Facilitates Production After Plug and Perf

Copperhead Big Bore flow-through frac plug
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