Diamondback Composite Drillable Frac Plug Series

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Zonal isolation for plug-and-perf operations and rapid millout with minimal debris

Diamondback plugs isolate stages during plug-and-perf operations and can be set using wireline, CT, or jointed pipe. A one-way internal check valve is closed with a ball dropped from the surface while the zone above the plug is being fractured. At other times, fluids from below the plug can flow freely through it. The composite material and plug design promote rapid millout with small cuttings that can be easily circulated out of the well.

Shorter length for faster millout

The Diamondback SL short-length composite drillable frac plug builds on the standard plug field-proven performance to achieve unprecedented pressure seal with even less material, further reducing milling times and debris.

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Prevent Presetting and Spinning During Millout

Diamondback composite drillable frac plug
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