Packer for High-Rate Gas Wells

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Maximize flow in high-rate production and injection wells

The XHP-BB big-bore premium production packer is a hydrostatically set, retrievable packer. It is designed for high-rate production and injection wells, which demand exceptional ruggedness and reliability, and for harsh environments, which require premium metallurgy and elastomers. The packer is qualified for low-temperature use in subsea injection wells, as well as for HPHT environments.

Install your completion in a single trip

The XHP-BB packer is installed with the completion tubing and set by pressuring the well at the surface. Because it is hydrostatically set, it is ideal for interventionless single-trip completions, which are preferred for applications such as deep water. Optionally, it can also be fully set by placing a tubing plug below it and applying pressure. The location of the setting chambers between the slips and the element eliminates any tubing movement relative to the casing, and as a result, the slips and element are set consistently and predictably. 

Keep slips debris-free to facilitate retrieval

The slips' barrel-type design minimizes casing damage. The sealing element is located above the slips and acts as a debris barrier that prevents fouling of the slips.

Perform interventions with confidence

The packer’s cut-to-release feature allows multiple through-tubing interventions without the risk of unsetting the packer. Tested beyond ISO standards, the XHP-BB packer is a reliable choice for enhancing the efficiency of completion installation operations.

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Sealing Element Above Slips Acts as a Debris Barrier

 XHP-BB big-bore premium production packer
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