Maximum reservoir productivity in new or existing wells depends on optimized perforating

Our engineered perforating systems help you achieve the best production or injection in your well by optimizing the relationship between the gun system, wellbore, and your reservoir. The SPAN Rock rock-based penetration model incorporates our extensive research in stressed-rock perforating for accurately predicting perforator performance downhole in reservoir rock. The resulting performance gains are documented in API RP 19B Section 1 data.

Deliver the best productivity from your completion with Schlumberger perforating systems:

  • measure to fully characterize the reservoir rock and fluids
  • perforate with the optimal gun system and charges specified by the SPAN Rock model
  • clean the perforations by controlling wellbore dynamics while perforating
  • monitor to maximize reservoir productivity.

SPAN Rock Stressed-Rock Perforating Analysis

Extensive research incorporated in this rock-based penetration model is the basis for accurately predicting perforator performance downhole in reservoir rock.

Perforating Gun Systems and Charges

Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

Wireline Perforating

Completion Perforating

Slickline Perforating

Coiled Tubing Perforating

Pipe Recovery and Remedial Services

Production and Cased Hole Services in North America

Optimize Perforation Performance in Overbalance Environments

Fluid and perforating technique were evaluated at the Schlumberger Performance Enhancement Research Facility.
In-depth design and testing of a customized completion fluid and unique perforation strategy enable Statoil to optimize well productivity in the North Sea. Read case study

Automating Manufacturing Safety, Efficiency, and Quality

Schlumberger Reservoir Completions Center
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Deepest Penetrating Shaped Charge in the Industry

PowerJet Nova shaped charges significantly increase penetration over previous-generation deep penetrating shaped charges to provide up to 50% more formation contact.
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