HSD High Shot Density Perforating Gun System

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Perforating performance with reduced debris delivered by industry-leading shaped charges, optimized phasing, and increased shot density

The pressure-tight steel tubes of HSD high shot density perforating guns enable combining the best-performing charges with optimal phasing patterns in a high shot density to produce the ideal perforations for the completion, whether it is natural, stimulated, or for sand control. The carrier tubes themselves are expendable and retrievable, which means that once the gun system has been used, it is retrieved and disposed of.

Perforate wellbores at any deviation

Conveyance of HSD perforating gun systems is primarily on wireline cable or tubing. Tractor conveyance can be used in deviated and horizontal wells.

INsidr Perforating Shock and Debris Reduction Technology

Shaped Charges Performance and Mechanical Data Summaries


Deepest Penetrating Shaped Charge in the Industry

PowerJet Nova shaped charges significantly increase penetration over previous-generation deep penetrating shaped charges to provide up to 50% more formation contact.
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