Wireline Control Systems

Pressure control equipment for wireline interventions

Wireline Control Systems provides certified pressure control systems for wireline interventions. Our experienced crews, located throughout Texas and Louisiana, deploy equipment that is individually tested to minimize HSE exposure and increase efficiency in every operation.

Time-saving lockdown lubricator system

The Dutch lockdown lubricator system is the most popular mechanical system of its type used offshore. This system protects blowout preventer (BOP) seals from potential wireline wear and provides a reliable seal without the need to remove equipment from the BOP stack.

Complete pressure control offering

We provide a complete range of pressure control services, ranging from offshore to land operations, openhole and cased hole pressure control, with grease injection seals, and a full inventory of associated auxiliary equipment.

Efficient pipe recovery and fishing operations

Wireline Control Systems side entry subs efficiently execute pipe recovery or wireline tool fishing operations without introducing HSE risks on the rig floor.

Dutch Lockdown Systems

Lubricator Systems

Pipe Recovery Systems

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Wireline Control Systems

Open and Cased Hole Pressure Control Systems

Pressure Control SystemsLockdown Lubricator SystemPipe Recovery and Fishing Systems
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Certified Pressure Control Equipment and Personnel

Wireline Pressure Control Systems Brochure
Wireline Control Systems maintains a large equipment inventory and crews to meet your wellsite needs for wireline interventions, on land and offshore. Download brochure