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Industry-leading safety and injection valve technologies

Work on subsea wells is a costly and hazardous process. Crucial to efficiency and safety are the successful installation, dependable operation, and long-term reliability of subsurface safety and injection valves.

Integrity Injection Valves Reduce Capital Expenses

The tubing-retrievable Integrity injection valve protected the wells from backflow and saved substantial running time and capital costs since no external control system was required. Read case study

Safety valves, an integral part of well completions, protect offshore and land production installations. Schlumberger surface-controlled subsurface safety valves use the innovative rod piston hydraulic actuation system developed by Schlumberger. All series contain a rugged, metal-to-metal Inconel flapper closure mechanism plus secondary soft seal. Schlumberger offers six main safety valve styles, ranging from basic to the most high-tech design available in the industry.

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Reliable in Ultradeepwater and Ultra-HPHT Environments

TRC-II Safety Valve
The TRC-II 20  safety valve performs reliably where other technologies are ineffective. Hydraulic operation is insensitive to production tubing pressure. Download TRCII-20 Safety Valve product sheet (0.24 MB PDF)