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Openhole and cased hole sand control

Sand control prevents the migration of reservoir sand and fines into a wellbore, stabilizes the reservoir, and enhances productivity. Schlumberger Completions offers a wide range of products and services to fit all openhole and cased hole applications and environments. Whatever your project and wherever its location, our experts will work with you to choose the most appropriate sand control solution.

Openhole Sand Control Services

Cased Hole Sand Control Services

Solutions for cased hole wells include gravel- and frac-packing and Alternate Path systems for conventional single-and multiple-zone completions with long or highly laminated intervals, as well as screenless completions with chemical consolidation and proppant treatments.

Screens & Inflow Control Devices

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Sand Control Pumping Equipment

Sand Control Fluids

Wellbore Preparation


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Innovative Gravel Pack in 136° Fishhook Well

Schlumberger gravel-pack system for fishhook well
Achieved a full annular gravel pack in the inverted-angle well with zero sand production. Read case study

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Sand Control Global Track Record Map
Our extensive Alternate Path system track record has enabled us to implement best practices for ensuring complete annular packs and highly productive sand control completions. View track record

Options for Efficient Gravel Packing in Cased Hole Wells

MZ -Xpress gravel and frac pack systemQUANTUM PERFPAC frac pack completions
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