Alternate Path Sand Screens

Ensure full annular packs and eliminate screenouts

The exclusively licensed Alternate Path sand screens use shunt tubes to create an alternate slurry path that allows the slurry to bypass bridges and fill in voids. This screen and tube configuration helps ensure a complete annular pack and eliminate screenouts, reducing the risks of screen and gravel-pack failure and deterioration in well productivity and increasing completion longevity and reliability.

Alternate Path Gravel-Pack Services

The Alternate Path system uses shunt-tube technology to fill in the voids left during gravel packing, maximizing efficiency. The shunt-tube diversions ensure uniform gravel packing and help prevent premature screenout, erosion hot spots, hardware damage, and completion failure.

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Alternate Path Screens Ensure 100% Gravel Packing Offshore Angola

AllFRAC Alternate Path Screens Ensure 100% Gravel Packing in Highly Permeable Zones Offshore Angola
Alternate Path cased hole frac-pack screens and a fit-for-purpose fluid that included a scale inhibitor provided 100% gravel placement in highly permeable zones and improved production.
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Alternate Flow Path Reduces Risks of Gravel-Pack Failure

Alternate path technology
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