Cased Hole Frac-Pack Fluids

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Enhance fracture conductivity and cleanup

Our portfolio of cased hole frac-pack fluids contains both polymer-free and polymer-based fracturing fluids.

ClearFRAC polymer-free fracturing fluids

ClearFRAC polymer-free fracturing fluids help create a larger effective fracture half-length. These fluids reduce friction pressure, enabling operators to save costs with reduced pumping equipment.

Crosslinked borate fluids

Crosslinked borate fluids are polymer-based fracturing fluids for enhanced hydraulic fracturing performance.

Brines for high-rate frac packs

A wide range of brines is available for high-rate frac packing—creation of small fractures to bypass near-wellbore damage, followed by gravel packing.

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ClearFRAC HiPerm Polymer- Free Fracturing Fluid for High-Permeability Reservoirs

The fluid’s viscoelastic rheological behavior enables it to suspend and transport proppant efficiently, even at lower than normal viscosities.
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