ClearPAC Polymer-Free Viscoelastic Surfactant (VES) Gravel-Pack Fluids

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products
Jan 2018 ClearPAC HT Fluid Enables Gravel Pack, and Tools Save USD 450,000 in Offshore Well Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature OptiPac, MudSOLV, ClearPAC HT
Aug 2017 OptiPac Openhole Screens Enable 100% Gravel Packs and Sand-Free Production in 27 Deepwater Wells Deep Water OptiPac, Alternate Path, QUANTUM MAX, ClearPAC XD, FIV-II, DeepSTIM
Aug 2014 Hornet Gravel-Pack Blender Optimizes Proppant in Highly Deviated Fishhook Well ClearPAC, Hornet
Jul 2013 OptiPac Alternate System Results in 100% Gravel Pack Efficiency and Longer Well Life Deep Water OptiPac, Alternate Path, ClearPAC, QUANTUM MAX, circulating housing, antiswab openhole service tool, FIV-II, WellWatcher