Sand Control Fluids

Fluids and services to enhance sand control treatments

Schlumberger offers a full range of engineered fluids, a series of additives designed to optimize sand control treatments and maximize production, and services to help prepare the wellbore, remove reservoir drilling fluid deposits, and optimize fluid selection and fracture design treatments.

Sand Control Fluids & Related Services Applications
Product or Service Openhole Cased Hole More Information
ClearPAC fluids X X Visit web page
Xanthan fluid X X Visit web page
Brines for AquaPac system X   Visit web page
PrimoPAC fluid X   Visit web page
FinesLOK SP technique   X Visit web page
ClearFRAC fluids   X Visit web page
Crosslinked borate fluids   X Visit web page
CoolFRAC service   X Visit web page
DataFRAC service   X Visit web page
SandAid technology X X Visit web page
Nanoglue bond X X Visit web page

Openhole Gravel-Pack Carrier Fluids

Cased Hole Gravel-Pack & Frac-Pack Fluids

Sand Consolidation Fluids

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FinesLOK SP Fluid Binds Fines, Prevents Migration

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