Openhole Gravel-Pack Carrier Fluids

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Enhance treatments and cleanup

Products include slurries, brines, breakers, and polymer-free gravel-pack fluids, while services include wellbore cleanup and filtercake removal.

Fluids for gravel packing with or without Alternate Path screens

ClearPAC polymer-free viscoelastic surfactant (VES) gravel-pack fluids provide superior gravel suspension performance and shear recovery at lower surfactant concentrations compared with other VES fluids. They also exhibit low friction pressure, minimize formation damage, and are compatible with oil-based and water-based muds. Formulations include fluids suitable for standard and high temperatures and fluids suitable for both gravel packing and filtercake cleanup.

Xanthan openhole gravel-pack fluid provides rapid viscosity development in brines. The viscosified fluid system consists of just three components: a biopolymer slurry, a brine, and a breaker.

Gravel-pack fluids for the AquaPac system

AquaPac water-packing system for openhole wells uses brine to carry and place gravel around preinstalled screens. A specially formulated shale stabilizer added to the brine mitigates shale swelling and dispersion, while a friction reducer pumped with the brine minimizes the potential of premature screenout.

PrimoPAC invert-emulsion gravel-pack carrier fluid minimizes risks when transitioning from a synthetic- or oil-based drill-in fluid to a brine-based carrier fluid and spacer for openhole gravel-pack completions in reactive shales. This unique fluid enables the wellbore to remain oil-wet throughout the completion phase, avoiding issues such as shale instability, dispersion, and crossfluid compatibility.

Well displacement services

SMART 3D displacement strategy provides a single-source, integrated package of displacement services, including the latest generation of chemical, mechanical, and hydraulic technologies for the efficient, effective delivery of a properly prepared wellbore.

Filtercake cleanup service

MUDSOLV NG integrated iltercake removal service optimizes the removal of reservoir drilling fluid deposits through an application integrated into the well completion process.

ResFlow Inflow Control Devices and MudSolv Stimulation Dissolve Mudcake and Restart Flow

An operator asked Schlumberger to restart flow in a long, horizontal well severely damaged by mudcake buildup. After 112 hours of selective stage stimulation treatment with the MudSolv treatment, the well flowed back with its full potential at 93% oil. Read case study

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Temperature and Brine Density Ranges for ClearPAC Fluids

ClearPAC polymer-free viscoelastic surfactant (VES) gravel-pack fluids
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MudSOLV Filtercake Removal Service Extends Economic
Life of Producing Wells

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