Alternate Path Gravel-Pack Services

Maximum gravel-pack efficiency and effectiveness

The Alternate Path system uses shunt-tube technology to ensure maximum gravel-pack efficiency, regardless of conditions such as low fracture gradients, reactive shales, washouts, and filtercake plugging that would otherwise result in bridging and incomplete packs. Insufficient packing can lead to, erosion hot spots, increased sand production, hardware damage, and completion failure. 

The system is highly effective for gravel packing long intervals in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wells; high-flow-rate wells; low-fracture-gradient formations; wells with high-permeability thief zones where annular bridging is a risk; and wells requiring zonal isolation packers. Specially developed fluids, state-of-the-art modeling software, and pumping services are used as part of the integrated system to ensure full, uniform gravel packing across the entire interval.

OptiPac Alternate Path System Ensures 100%
Gravel Pack Efficiency and Longer Well Life

North Sea high-rate gas wells in reservoir with depleting pressures were at increased risk of sand production. Read case study

Fluids to ensure optimal gravel transport and controlled leakoff

The Alternate Path system can be used with a full array of viscosified fluids, from conventional polymers to viscoelastic and oil-base fluids, which allows the treatment to be tailored to a wide range of well types, conditions, and applications.

Filtercake removal for faster, more efficient cleanup

The MudSOLV NG filtercake breaker service is used to tailor the most effective cleanup strategy. The goal is to minimize screen plugging, impaired well performance, hardware-damaging hot spots, and corrosion.

Pumping and mixing services to ensure successful operations

Another component of the Alternate Path system are the pumping and mixing services that allow synchronization and remote control of key equipment and precise control of sand concentrations at design values.

Alternate Path Technology

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Full, Uniform Annulus Pack Across Entire Interval

Alternate Path system nozzle
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Alternate Flow Path Reduces Risks of Gravel-Pack Failure

Alternate path technology
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