Water-Pack & Gravel-Pack Services

AquaPac integrated water packing system

The alpha/beta (A/B) wave placement technique is used in horizontal wells for gravel packing both long, horizontal, openhole sections that have low fracture gradients and sections containing unstable sands and shales.

Alpha wave

AquaPac system: Alpha wave.

During the alpha-wave progression at the start of the water-packing operation, the gravel dune makes its way evenly toward the toe, and the pressure increases slightly.

Beta wave

AquaPac system: Beta wave.

Filling the toe triggers the beta wave, sending the dune back toward the heel. If the pressure in the open hole exceeds formation fracture pressure, a gravel bridge may form and premature screenout may occur, leaving part of the screens unpacked.

Pressure attenuator valves

AquaPac system: Pressure attenuator valves.

The AquaPac system's pressure attenuator valves mitigate this problem, ensuring that the pressure in the openhole section remains below the fracture pressure.

Shale Stabilizer Improves Water-Packing Effectiveness

AquaPac system shale stabilizerAquaPac
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