Alternate Path Technology

Shunt tube technology for openhole and cased hole wells

Alternate Path systems use shunt tubes and nozzles to bypass bridges and fill in voids that can occur when gravel and frac packing. Options are available for both cased hole and openhole wells.

Operator Eliminates Sand Production in Complex Reservoir and Saves 5 Days of Rig Time per Well

The goal was to propagate a fracture across the reservoir height with high pump rates and use shunt tubes to ensure a full gravel pack of the entire screen and casing annulus. Read case study

System designs to ensure complete annular packs

Each system is composed of a screen with shunt tubes, fluid systems with specific requirements, and a customized pumping design. This design helps achieve a complete annular pack, while ensuring the integrity of the lower completion.

Openhole wells

OptiPac Alternate Path openhole gravel-pack screen options are available to suit the characteristics of the reservoir and the wellbore to be gravel packed. Both wire-wrapped and premium sintered mesh versions are available. The screens are designed with one or two transport tubes that are nonported and move the slurry from joint to joint. Each joint also has two packing tubes equipped with nozzles that divert the slurry to the open hole between the screen and wellbore when bridges form, allowing the empty spaces to be filled. 

The UltiPac Alternate Path extended-reach gravel-pack screen has unique round shunt tubes to minimize frictional losses and increase the gravel-pack length to more than 6,000 ft [1,829 m]. Each screen is equipped with six transport tubes and three packing tubes, all encased by the screen wire for protection so that the screen can be fully rotated while running in. The screen uses the same wrapped wire as the robust and precisely manufactured LineSlot premium direct-wire-wrapped screen. 

Cased hole wells

AllFRAC Alternate Path cased hole frac-pack screens can handle higher treatment rates and are suitable for frac packing. Wire-wrapped and premium sintered mesh versions are available. 

These screens can be used with conventional QUANTUM and HPHT QUANTUM MAX gravel-pack systems, the MZ Alternate Path system, the QUANTUM PERFPAC single-trip perforating and gravel- and frac-pack system, the MZ-Xpress system for performing multizone fracturing and gravel packing in a single trip, and the STIMPAC fracturing and gravel-packing service.

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Innovative Gravel Pack in 136┬░ Fishhook Well

Schlumberger gravel-pack system for fishhook well
Achieved a full annular gravel pack in the inverted-angle well with zero sand production. Read case study

UltiPac Alternate Path Extended-Reach Gravel-Pack Screen

UltiPac Alternate Path extended-reach gravel-pack screen
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Alternate Flow Path Reduces Risks of Gravel-Pack Failure

Alternate path technology
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