Sand Control Software

Sophisticated software to optimize every stage of treatment

Several proprietary software packages and extensive databases are key components used to optimize Schlumberger sand control treatments. 

SandCADE Gravel-Pack Design and Evaluation Software

SandCADE software performs numerous engineering calculations to assess the sand control treatment design and supports job execution and evaluation for openhole and cased hole completions.

SandCAT Sand Control Computer-Aided Treatment

SandCAT computer-aided treatment facilitates simultaneous, real-time pumping and rig data acquisition to seamlessly synchronize and display the two sets of data as one, and it ensures that information is shared among all parties involved in the sand control completion.

Sand Advisor Software

Software that supports optimal screen and gravel selection in openhole applications by analyzing the formation particle-size distributions.

ICD Advisor Inflow Control Device Planning Software

Software that allows quick configuration of ICD numbers and nozzle sizes and placement of packers in a multisegment well model, for recovery optimization.

Completions Geomechanics

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