Sand Control Pumping Equipment

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Mixing, blending, pumping, data acquisition and control, offshore stimulation

Schlumberger provides surface pumping and blending equipment, as well as data acquisition and control systems for sand control. We offer modular skid packages for use on offshore platforms and for land operations. A reliable fleet of stimulation vessels is also available for offshore sand control operations.

Hornet Skid-Mounted Gravel-Pack Blender

Designed for continuous mixing of gravel-pack slurry in offshore environments, the Hornet blender precisely controls sand concentrations, even at low pump rates and low solid-to-liquid ratios. This cost-effective unit is well suited for gravel-packing and high-rate water-packing operations and can be manually operated if necessary.

SBS-614 POD programmable optimal density blender

The Series III version of the POD programmable optimal density blender is capable of blending and pumping proppant slurry at rates of up to 35 bbl/min. A computer precisely controls the solid/liquid ratio at the designed value throughout the job, in either ramp or stair-step mode.

WASP water and sand proportioner

Specifically designed to proportion gravel with low-viscosity carrier fluids, this skid-mounted unit is equipped with a 1-bbl stainless steel tub for continuous mixing and mechanically operated trapezoidal gate controls.

Offshore Vessels

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Hornet Skid-Mounted Slurry Blender for Offshore Wells

Hornet skid-mounted blender
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