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Versatile, robust, reliable sand screen technology

Schlumberger offers the industry's broadest range of sand screens and inflow control devices (ICDs) for production and injector wells—for any type of completion (e.g., gravel-packed or using standalone screens), environment, and application. In strategically placed facilities around the world, we use proprietary manufacturing techniques to produce the most robust line of fit-for-purpose screens and ICDs and quickly deliver them wherever needed.

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Direct Wire-Wrapped Sand Screens

Wire-Wrapped Sand Screens

Screens made of a wire-wrapped outer jacket fitted over perforated basepipe and welded to the pipe at each end to provide structural support.

Prepacked Sand Screens

Screens that incorporate inner wire-wrapped layers and consolidated, resin-coated gravel, for gravel-pack and standalone-screen applications requiring redundant sand control.

Premium Mesh Sand Screens

Specialty Screens

Screens designed to address unconventional sand control applications for which traditional screens and techniques are insufficient.

Alternate Path Sand Screens

Inflow Control Devices

Sand Advisor Software

Software that supports optimal screen and gravel selection in openhole applications by analyzing the formation particle-size distributions.

ICD Advisor Inflow Control Device Planning Software

Software that allows quick configuration of ICD numbers and nozzle sizes and placement of packers in a multisegment well model, for recovery optimization.

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ResFlow CV ICD Saves Operator USD 2 Million
per Well

Operator Saves USD 2 Million per Well Using ResFlow CV ICD
Five extended-reach wells were successfully completed in the North Caspian basin without washpipe by using ResFlow CV ICDs, saving the operator 2 days and USD 2 million per well. Read case study

ResFlow ICD Enables Oil Production Over Entire Length of Lateral Offshore Nigeria

Influx of gas, oil, and water in well with ResFlow ICDs
The inflow control devices created balanced inflow along the nearly 4,000 ft of lateral despite lateral variations in permeability, improving sweep and preventing the well from watering out prematurely. Read case study

Broadest, Most Versatile Portfolio in the Industry

Screens and Inflow Control Devices brochure
A sand control solution needs to be an integral part of the completion design from the outset and take into account your goals, constraints, and plan for the life of the well.
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