Well Stimulation

Increase productivity with fracturing and acidizing treatments

We offer hydraulic fracturing and matrix stimulation treatments to restore or enhance well productivity in all types of formations and reservoir environments.

Treatment by environment

Maximize your reservoir production by creating highly conductive reservoir flow paths—selecting the appropriate treatment for each environment is critical to well economics.

Automated Stimulation Delivery Platform

Unconventional Reservoirs

Cameron Fracturing Services & Equipment

BroadBand Unconventional Reservoir Completion Services

Carbonate Formations

OpenPath Stimulation Services

Microseismic Services

Tight Gas

Conventional Sandstone Reservoirs


Kinetix Stimulation Software Suite

Water Management

Treatment, Stimulation and Execution

Improve Stimulation Reliability and Efficiency with Automation

Automated Stimulation Delivery Platform
The automated stimulation delivery platform integrates modular automated skids, trailers and silos to optimize continuous, high-intensity fracturing operations. Visit Automated Stimulation Delivery Platform page

OpenPath Sequence Service Maximizes Wellbore Coverage

OpenPath Stimulation Services
OpenPath Sequence diversion stimulation service uses degradable fibers and multimodal particles to sequentially stimulate target zones and intervals. Visit OpenPath Sequence Service page

Achieve Higher Productivity in Vertical and Horizontal Wells

HiWAY Flow-Channel Fracturing Technique
HiWAY flow-channel hydraulic fracturing technique is helping operators increase fracture conductivity and production while using less water and proppant.
Visit HiWAY Technique page

Unlock the Potential of Unconventional Reservoirs

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service
BroadBand unconventional reservoir completion services deliver maximized wellbore coverage and reservoir contact to increase production and recovery. Visit BroadBand Services page