BroadBand Unconventional Reservoir Completion Services

Maximize hydrocarbon production and recovery

Operators restimulating or completing new hydraulically fractured wells in unconventional reservoirs seek to increase oil production and recovery through effective and efficient wellbore coverage and reservoir contact. With today’s common geometric completion approach, approximately 40% of the perforation clusters and more than 40% of the hydraulic fracture networks do not contribute to production, resulting in 40% of the unconventional wells in North America being uneconomical.

Unlock the potential of unconventional reservoirs

BroadBand unconventional reservoir completion services deliver maximized wellbore coverage and reservoir contact to increase production and recovery. Every fracture is stimulated and propped open from tip to wellbore to shift 40% of uneconomical wells towards 100% economic wells. 

Broadband Services' Composite Fracturing Fluid

Composite fracturing fluids are combinations of proprietary fibers, fluid additives, and proppant used as part of the Broadband unconventional reservoir completion services to enhance reservoir contact.
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BroadBand Precision Integrated Completion Service

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service

BroadBand Shield Fracture-Geometry Control Service

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BroadBand Sequence Service Improves Wellbore Coverage in Williston Basin

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service
BroadBand Sequence service contributed 42% of total oil production in a well for Whiting Petroleum.
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