Frac Valves

Nominal Bore Size, in 10,000-psi Working Pressure 15,000-psi Working Pressure
1 13/16 FLS valve FLS valve
2 1/16 FLS-Frac/FLS-DA2-Frac valves FLS-Frac/FLS-DA2-Frac valves
2 9/16 FLS-Frac valve FLS-Frac valve
3 1/16 FLS-Frac valve FLS-Frac valve
4 1/16 FLS-Frac/FLS-R-Frac/FLS-DA2-Frac valves FLS-R-Frac/FLS-DA2-Frac valves
5 1/8 FLS-Frac/FLS-DA2-Frac valves FLS-R-Frac/FLS-DA2-Frac valves
7 1/16 FLS-Frac/FLS-DA2-Frac valves FLS-R-Frac/FLS-DA2-Frac valves
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API 6A Gate Valves

API 6A Gate Valves
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Large-Bore High-Pressure API 6A Slab-Style Gate Valve

FLS-R Large-Bore HP API 6A Slab-Style Gate Valve
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Comprehensive, Integrated Service & Support from a Single Provider

CAMShale Fracturing Fluid Delivery and Flowback Service
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