High-Permeability Stimulation

Stimulation treatments for high-permeability formations

As formation permeability increases, creating and propagating fractures become more difficult and less essential to improving well economics. In high-permeability reservoirs, the major restraint on productivity is usually formation damage. Matrix acidization treatments or a hydraulic fracturing stimulation strategy that creates short and wide fractures are used to mitigate the effects of formation damage.

FracCON Water-Conformance Fracturing Fluid

ClearFRAC Polymer-Free Fracturing Fluids

UltraMARINE Seawater-Base Fracturing Fluid


Scale Control

STIMPAC Fracturing and Gravel-Packing Service

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Remove and Control Scale Buildup

Scale control services
Schlumberger scale control services are are quick and nondamaging to the wellbore, tubing, or formation environment. Visit Scale Control page