ClearPAC Polymer-Free Fluid for Gravel Packs

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Reduce formation damage with polymer-free fluids

ClearPAC polymer-free fluid for gravel packs reduces formation damage and increases productivity. Gravel packing is more efficient when a fluid system has the flexibility to meet well specific requirements.

ClearPAC fluids do more than simply carry sand. They're designed with a high tolerance to oil-base-fluid contamination and are effective in long intervals of open and cased hole. The fluids use viscoelastic surfactants (VESs) for excellent suspension properties even at very low shear rates.

These solids- and polymer-free fluids are compatible with brines having densities to 14 ppg [1.68 sg], making them ideal for well control. Produced oil acts as the breaker, and fluids break down totally during production in wells with temperatures from 80 to 300 degF [26.7 to 148.9 degC].

Mudcake cleanup

Enhancing productivity often requires mudcake cleanup, which is best achieved by integrating the mudcake cleanup additives with the gravel-pack fluids. An efficient postflush-type treatment relies on diffusion through the gravel-pack fluid. A diversion technique prevents all cleanup treatment from disappearing into the formation once a fraction of the mudcake is dissolved.

Polymer-Free Fluid for Low-Temperature Gravel Pack

Polymer-Free Fluid for Gravel Packing and Mudcake Cleanup

ClearPAC XD Fluid for High-Density Gravel-Pack Operations

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