Mangrove Engineered Stimulation Design in the Petrel Platform

Simulate complex fractures in shale reservoirs

Mangrove engineered stimulation design in the Petrel platform is the only hydraulic fracturing simulator that integrates seamlessly with a comprehensive seismic-to-simulation in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. It can predict realistic fracture scenarios in a wide range of applications. Two new models are used to simulate hydraulic fractures: unconventional fracture model and wiremesh model.

Integrate reservoir data in the Petrel platform

Through the industry-leading Petrel E&P software platform, Mangrove stimulation design integrates geological and geophysical (G&G), petrophysical, geomechanical, and microseismic data.

Mangrove Engineered Stimulation Design Increases Tight Oil Production Eightfold for PetroChina

An integrated completion and fracturing approach improved recovery compared with offset wells in the Ordos basin. Read case study

Optimize well completion designs

A poorly completed well will not produce at maximum potential. Mangrove stimulation design uses an engineered process based on reservoir characterization to provide smarter completion designs.

Whether you provide G&G data via 3D models, well logs, offset wells, or pilot wells, completion and stimulation designs can be customized to increase ROI by producing the reservoir more effectively.

Compare simulations to actual results

Mangrove stimulation design workflow provides estimates of proppant placement, fracture network dimensions, and reservoir penetration based on properties such as rheology, leakoff pressure, friction performance, permeability, and closure stress.

Real-time data, such as that acquired by StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service, can be compared to simulated results to optimize treatments as they are being performed. These comparisons help improve well planning and reduce operational risks.

Mangrove Express Fracture Design

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Operator Increases Stimulated Rock Volume 25% in Marcellus Shale

Seneca Resources increases stimulated volume 25% with Mangrove stimulation design.
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A Look at Multilevel Optimization of Unconventional Reserves

Mangrove Engineered Stimulation Design in the Petrel PlatformMangrove Stimulation Design—A Look at Optimization of Unconventional StimulationMangrove Stimulation Design—A Look at Optimization of Unconventional Stimulation
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