Tight Gas

Develop low-permeability tight gas reservoirs to meet specific industry challenges

This unconventional energy source is a fast-growing market; however, effective development of low-permeability tight gas reservoir resources requires operational efficiency to improve performance. Our increased investment in research and development will assist the industry with the specific challenges ahead.

HiWAY Flow-Channel Fracturing Technique

Multistage Fracturing Services

FiberFRAC Fiber-Based Fracturing Fluid Technology

ThermaFOAM High Temperature CO2 Fracturing Fluid

UltraMARINE Seawater-Base Fracturing Fluid

Microseismic Services

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Achieve Higher Productivity in Vertical and Horizontal Wells

HiWAY Flow-Channel Fracturing Technique
HiWAY flow-channel hydraulic fracturing technique is helping operators increase fracture conductivity and production while using less water and proppant.
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