Microseismic Services

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Aug 2013 Quantifying the Effect of Drilling Azimuth in Shale Gas Reservoirs Unconventional Resources SPE
Apr 2013 Unconventional Reservoir Development in Mexico: Lessons Learned From the First Exploratory Wells Unconventional Resources, Geomechanics, Real-Time Operations, Exploration Mangrove, ECS, OBMI, Sonic Scanner, MDT, AbrasiFRAC, HiWAY, StimMAP, Petrel SPE
May 2011 Microseismic Source Inversion in Anisotropic Media Unconventional Resources Moment Tensor Inversion CSEG
Aug 2011 Interferometric Microseism Localization for Multistage Fracture Monitoring Unconventional Resources SBGF
Jun 2010 Modeling Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Fracture Networks in Shale Gas Reservoirs as a Dual Porosity System Unconventional Resources StimMAP SPE
Sep 2010 Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring to Reservoir Simulation: Maximizing Value Unconventional Resources, Geomechanics StimMAP SPE
Jan 2009 Simultaneous Hydraulic Fracturing of Adjacent Horizontal Wells in the Woodford Shale Unconventional Resources StimMAP, ECLIPSE, Platform Express, ECS, FMI SPE
May 2009 Utilization of Real Time Microseismic Monitoring and Hydraulic Fracture Diversion Technology in the Completion of Barnett Shale Horizontal Wells Unconventional Resources StimMAP Other Society