Electrical Permanent Downhole Gauge Systems

Advanced pressure, temperature, density, and flow rate measurements

WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems include a wide range of downhole electrical gauges and associated systems for point measurements of pressure, temperature, flow rate, and fluid density. 

These gauges incorporate the most recent innovations in quartz and sapphire transducers, fully welded assemblies, corrosion-resistant alloys, and robust electronic components. Advanced cable head connector technology enhances reliability at the system level.


Pressure and Temperature Gauges

FloWatcher Flow Rate, Fluid Density, & PT Monitoring System

A system comprising three quartz gauges for measuring flow rate, fluid density, pressure, and temperature; rated up to 25,000 psi and 177 degC.

WellWatcher Remote Battery-Powered PT Monitoring System

Autonomous, cost-effective system for monitoring pressure and temperature in remote locations and brownfields that have no permanent power supply; rated 10,000 psi and 110 degC; max. 16 gauges per cable.

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World Leader in Permanent Downhole Monitoring

WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring Systems
Schlumberger is the industry-recognized permanent monitoring leader, having deployed more than 9,000 permanent downhole pressure and temperature gauges over the past 40 years.
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