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Specially Engineered RSS Drills in Any Environment

PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System
A push-the-bit rotary steerable system with improved drilling performance and precise wellbore positioning.
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ONYX 360 Rolling PDC Cutters—Drill Farther

ONYX 360
When compared with fixed-cutter-only bits, PDC bits that included ONYX 360 rolling cutters demonstrated run length increases of up to 57%, resulting in fewer bit trips and lower drilling costs.
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Register for Drill Bits Fundamentals Training

Learn more about Schlumberger PDC and roller cone bit technologies at quarterly customer training sessions in Houston, Texas.
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View an Engineered BHA in Augmented Reality App

Interact with an engineered drilling system on the Schlumberger DrillAR app. Watch in 3D as the BHA drills the wellbore, and examine the intricacies of the BHA components.
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