Offshore Cementing Equipment

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Complete redundancy for all critical components eliminates downtime

The performance and versatility of Schlumberger skid-mounted cementing units make them the best option for offshore, high-pressure pumping services. These state-of-the-art units, capable of delivering up to 3,450 hhp, can be used as backup or supplemental mud pumps as well as efficient cementing units. Power to drive the pumps comes from high-performance Caterpillar diesel engines or air-cooled electric motors.

All Schlumberger offshore cementing skids comply fully with the latest European Economic Community regulations for safety and health protection. An integrated bulkhead on the driver module reduces noise, and remote radiator packages and split designs allow installation of soundproof walls.

These skids are fitted with sensors for data acquisition and monitoring systems, and an optional remote control system permits operation of the unit from an adjacent control room. When a Schlumberger Mk-III mixer is used in combination with the skid, cement-mixing rates of more than 12 bbl/min can be achieved to attain optimal job execution.

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