Advanced ultrahard materials for high-pressure, high-temperature environments

MegaDiamond designs and manufactures advanced ultrahard materials used worldwide in cutting tools, construction, oil and gas drilling, and mining applications. As an innovative leader in high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) technology, we combine several decades of experience, expertise, and creativity to provide value-added, high-performance products that address your specific application requirements. Our facilities, in both the US and Italy, are ISO 9001 certified.

Bearing products

Our bearing products are designed for optimal performance and long life in abrasive environments. Cooling grooves can be added to any product according to your specifications.

Polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride materials

Using HPHT technology, we produce polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN), offering a full range of products in full-round blanks, as well as pre-cut pieces. These products deliver increased productivity and cost savings over conventional carbide and ceramic tools. An extensive line of PCD products is available for the oil and gas drilling and mining industries, including diamond-enhanced inserts for three-cone and percussive bits, and synthetic diamond cutters for PDC bit suppliers.

Domed inserts

Domed insert products are available with 813 and 820 diamond grades, depending on whether there is a greater need for abrasion resistance or impact resistance. Proprietary insert designs incorporate transition layers between the diamond layer and the tungsten carbide substrate to improve impact strength and thermal integrity.

Press technology

Our manufacturing facilities include the industry’s three major HPHT press systems:

  • Cubic press—triaxial system particularly suited to sintering products with complex 3D geometries.
  • Belt press—large reaction volume appropriate for large diameter products or multiples of smaller products. Used to produce the first man-made diamonds.
  • Piston-cylinder press—latest evolution in HPHT press design. The high-pressure capsule is contained within the cylindrical bore of a carbide die supported by radial hydraulic pressure, allowing simultaneous pressurization of both the inside and the outside of the die.

All three are capable of generating the ultrahigh pressures (800,000 psi) and temperatures (2,700 degF or 1,500 degC) required to sinter PCD and PCBN products. Each system has its own particular advantages, enabling us to optimize sintering conditions for each product to obtain the highest quality and maximum performance for any given application.

Shear cutters

Available with diameters from 11 to 19 mm and in lengths from 8 to 16 mm, our shear cutters are produced with a diamond grade that is effective in most applications requiring high-impact and high-abrasion resistance. The cutters incorporate a unique nonplanar interface design for enhanced  performance.

Materials technology

To continually develop new materials and technologies for providing  ultrahard products with ever-increasing performance and reliability, our engineers control raw materials, analyze compositions, and evaluate material properties. Advanced computer modeling and finite element analysis systems help design products for maximum performance. Product performance is evaluated in a variety of functional tests, simulating real-world application conditions, to support the iterative design cycle.

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