Viking Drill Bits

Available Viking Tools
120.7 mm ViM413
123.8 mm ViM413, ViM511
142.9 mm ViM513 LM D1ViM513 LMV D1, ViM613ViM813
146.0 mm ViM613
152.4 mm ViM513
155.6 mm ViM513ViM613
215.9 mm ViM416 D1, ViM416 D2, ViM613 D1, ViM613 D2,
ViM613 D3, ViM613 D4
219.1 mm ViM516, ViM613
220.7 mm ViM416 D1, ViM416 D2, ViM416 D3,  ViM516 D1,
ViM516 D2, ViM613 D1, ViM613 D2
222.3 mm ViM613

Viking PDC Bits Set New Benchmark in Siberia

Viking Drill Bit
Running Viking Bits ViM613 matrix-body PDC bits saved the operator 6 rig days on three wells in Siberia’s Kogalymskoe field. Read case study


Viking bit nomenclature
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