Xtra Standard Roller Cone Bits

Available Standard TCI Tools 
3 7/8 in MF15G, MF5D
4 1/2 in MF3
4 3/4 in MF37, MF37D, MF5D, MF57, MF7OD, MF2, MF2G, MF15G
5 1/2 in MF15
6 1/8 in F15
6 1/2 in F2, F47OD
7 1/2 in F2, F7, F4, F5
7 7/8 in F26YGV, F23V, F35V, F47A, F28V, F16BV, F27IYV, F47WYA, F37HY, F27IYODV, F15H, F25, F25A, F27, F27G, F27A, F2H, F15, F17, F05, F07, F12Y, F12YG, F12YGV, F45H, F37H, F37HYV, F3H, F3HOD, F35, F80Y, F80YOD, F9, F9OD, F57Y, F67YOD, F7, F7OD, F8, F8OD, F47H, F47HOD, F47HY, F47HYOD, F4H, F5OD, F57, F57OD, F59OD, F59Y, F59YOD, F65OD, F67, F67OD, F43ODV, F90Y, F85YOD, F30WY, F37HYG, F37HYGV, F37HYOD, F27IG, F27IGV, F27IODV, F27IV, F50OD, MF26WYV, F90YOD, F85Y, F47HYD, F59HY, F59HYOD, F59HYOD1, MF45HODV, F30WYV, F45HODV, F37HYODV, F47YA, F30Y, F47HYG, Fi24YV
8 3/8 in MF15B, MF20B, MF37OD, MF2, MF57, MF15BOD, MF20BOD
8 1/2 in F23V, F90YOD, F37HYG, MF30B, F67YOD1, F85YOD, F57YOD1, F37HYDOD, 45GA, 45GAOD, F40, F30, F47YAPS, F57YOD, F37YOD, F67UYOD1PS, Fi40Y, Fi40U, F37YOD1, MF30SD, MF2, MF27, MF27D, F10, F59YOD, F80YOD1, F10OD, MF20BDOD, MF30BOD, MF20B, F47HYOD1, F57OD1, F4OD1, F37YD, F37HY, MF20DOD, MF27Y, MF30BDOD, MFi04, MF04T, MF57OD, F57Y, MF57DOD, MF37DD, F67OD, F57OD, F5, F5OD, F47HY, F47HYOD, F47HYV, F47H, F47HOD, F8OD, F7, F59, F47OD, F9OD, F80Y, F80YOD, F3, F3OD, F37, F4, F17, F15, F15OD, F27, F2, F2OD
8 3/4 in F15H, F27, F2H, F15, F12Y, F12YV, F07, F4, F3H, F37HY, F37HYOD, F37, F37D, F37OD, F12, F35, F35OD, F35ODV, F35V, F90Y, F90YOD, F80Y, F80YOD, F85Y, F9, F9OD, F59, F7OD, F8, F8OD, F47H, F47HV, F47HYOD, F47HYV, F5DOD, F57, F57OD, F59Y, F67, F85YOD, F39HY, F30TOD1V, F37HYDOD1, F37HYG, F30Y, F37HYODV, F35GV, F27IYOD1V, F37HYD, F67YOD1, F59YOD1, F67YOD, F37HYV, F12YGV, F37HWY, F47HY, F47HYG, F27IY, F27IYODV, F27IYV, F67Y, MF27DPD, MF15HV, F37YAODCR, F47YAODCR, F47HYACPS, F23YA, F47YAODCPS, F37YAODCPS, F37YAPS, F30T, F27YAPS, F80YOD1, F39HYOD, F23V
8 7/8 in F50YAOD, F50YA, F40YA
9 1/2 in F67OD, F8OD, F9OD, F80YOD1PD, F67YOD
9 7/8 in F37YOD, F47HYOD, F95YOD, F90YOD, F59Y, F47YAODCPS, F9, F9OD, F8, F8OD, F67, F67OD, F57, F57OD, F50, F47H, F3, F37, F15, F17, F2, F10BV, FK47HYOD, FK50HYV, FK57HYOD, F57HYOD, F59YOD, F47HY, F50OD
10 5/8 in F90YOD, F37, F02B, F37OD, MF15HB, F2, F47, F8OD, MF15HBPS, F47YODPS, F30PS, MF15BODPS, F02BC, F47OD1PS, F47Y
11" F47A, F27, F37, F37Y, F20Y, F47YA
11 5/8 in F30, F3, F3W, F47HWY, F47HY, Fi30W, F47HWYPS
12 1/4 in Fi48YAODCP, F67OD1, F37, F25YC, F47HYAODCPS, F67UODCPS, F4UODCPS, F47YACPS, F57YODVCPS, F37YAODCPS, F37YAODCR, F25YACPS, F21YACPS, F47YAODC, F90YOD, F2, F3, F05, F05BODCPS, F57Y, F57YOD1, F80Y, F37YDOD, F37Y, F37YOD, F67, F57, F67OD, F37D, F47H, F47HOD, F4, F1, F15, F25, F25OD, F17, F25WV, F3OD, F25HV, F47HOD1, F3W, F25WOD, F80YOD, 4JS, F25V, F1OD, F57YOD, F3DOD, F5OD, F3D, F37OD
12 3/4 in F1
13 1/2 in F2OD
17" 2JSCPS
17 1/4 in 4JSCPS
17 1/2 in 3JSCPS, 4JS, F2, 3JS, 2JS
19 1/4 in 3JS
20" 3JSY, 25JS, 15JS
23" 2JS, M04, M15S
26" 2JS, 2JSC, 4JS

TCI Nomenclature

Standard TCI Nomenclature
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MT Nomenclature

Standard Milled Tooth Nomenclature
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