Kaldera High-Temperature Roller Cone Bits

HT bit technology accesses geothermal energy

The new Kaldera high-temperature (HT) roller cone bit is specially designed to endure high-temperature drilling environments like geothermal wells for extended periods.

In many cases, the tungsten carbide insert (TCI) roller cone bits used to drill hard and abrasive lithologies to access steam or hot rock in basement formations are exposed to temperatures that exceed 500 degF. Under these conditions, a standard 300 degF-rated bit’s elastomer seals and lubricating material quickly degrades, causing bearing failure, resulting in operational inefficiencies: reduced on-bottom drilling hours leading to multiple bit runs and increased development costs.

Advanced seals and grease extend bearing life 

Designed with the IDEAS integrated design platform, the Kaldera HT bit represents a new line of roller cone bits with an innovative bearing system that comprises new proprietary composite elastomer seals with specialized fabric compounds and a proprietary high-temperature grease formula. These innovations increase seal life, lubricity, and load capacity at elevated temperatures for HT applications. Proven durability in high-temperature applications.

Proven durability in high-temperature applications

Kaldera roller cone drill bits have a proven track record for high-temperature operations around the world. Our suite of best-in-class HT technology includes products and services for directional drilling, and MLWD. See the HT suite

Tested against baseline bits, in geothermal superheated steam applications where temperatures can reach 530 degF, the new drill bit was clearly the top performer:

  • on-bottom drilling time was 3% to 37% greater
  • average run length was 33% greater.

Kaldera Roller Cone Increases On-Bottom Drilling Hours by 37% in Italy

The Kaldera drill bit set a new field record of 76.5 hours on-bottom drilling in an Italian geothermal application. Read case study

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Kaldera Bit Drills Geothermal Well Section 25% Farther
in California

Kaldera Bit
Roller cone bit extends average run length 150 ft in HT application.
Read case study

High-Temperature Grease Enhances Load Capacity

Kaldera load capacity with temperature
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