Xplorer Slimhole Tungsten Carbide Insert Bits

Slimhole drilling in very soft to ultrahard formations

For improved drilling performance in slim holes, Xplorer slimhole tungsten carbide insert (TCI) drill bits offer high speed and durability in a wide range of formation types. Ultrashort leg forgings improve steerability at extreme build angles and maximize chassis strength to meet challenging hydraulic demands.

Specialized cutting structure

Individual cutter structures are designed for these roller cone drill bits, along with a complete line of inserts, insert grades, and geometric enhancements that reduce breakage, maintain full gauge longer, and increase ROP for the entire run. Cone shell wear and associated insert loss is reduced, allowing the main cutting structure to perform better.

Dual-seal system

To handle the high rotation speeds experienced in slimhole applications, a dual-material, bullet-shaped seal system is used for Xplorer milled tooth and soft-formation insert bits. This system reduces seal wear and limits temperature buildup with matching dual elastomers. For harder formations, Xplorer TCI bits have a rotary O-ring, which significantly increases wear resistance compared with conventional materials.

Xplorer Expanded drill bits

As part of the Xplorer line of drill bits, Xplorer Expanded milled tooth drill bits are specifically designed to drill soft formations with exceptional ROP and reliability. Xplorer Expanded products are equipped with the Flex-Flo adaptive hydraulics system to provide operators with the widest range of options for maximizing ROP and ensuring effective hole cleaning in any application. These drill bits have the added durability of the MIC2 hardfacing material, an ultra-wear-resistant material, as well as a cutting structure for maximum shearing and scraping action in the softer formations encountered in milled tooth applications.

Gemini Dynamic Twin-Seal Bit

Shamal Carbonate-Optimized TCI Bit

Kaldera High-Temperature Roller Cone Bit

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World Record Broken for Cumulative Footage Drilled

4 3/4-in Xplorer Slimhole TCI Drill Bit
Using 4 3/4-in Xplorer slimhole TCI bits for two wells, the operator experienced optimal drillbit consistency, drilling a total of 15,172 ft. Read case study

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