Neyrfor Turbodrilling Systems

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Deliver high-power turbodrilling efficiency to extend time on bottom

Power and efficiency are essential for turbodrilling operations, because the bit is isolated from the drillstring. To maintain optimal power while on bottom for extended periods of time, Neyrfor high-performance turbodrills feature a fully concentric drive-train rotation.

The Neyrfor drive system is extremely efficient at converting hydraulic energy from the mud column into mechanical energy at the bit. This enables Neyrfor turbodrills to deliver more downhole mechanical drilling power than other drive systems under equal hydraulic conditions. By rotating the drive shaft at a higher rpm while remaining dynamically stable, Neyrfor turbodrills produce unsurpassed ROP without the negative effects of excess torque.

Ensures verticality in straight-hole applications

For straight-hole applications, Neyrfor turbodrills act as a natural dropping pendulum assembly in rotary mode. This action enables consistent verticality to be maintained at a higher ROP, which produces higher-quality wellbores in less time than conventional BHAs.

When compared with positive displacement motors (PDMs), Neyrfor turbodrills offer a number of advantages:

  • higher power and efficiency
  • greater reliability and durability under HPHT conditions
  • less vibration
  • more reliable directional and underbalanced drilling capabilities
  • improved borehole quality.

Maximizes toolface control for directional and horizontal applications

Neyrfor turbodrills provide consistent, predictable drilling rates for directional and horizontal turbodrilling applications. Neyrfor turbodrills have exceptional toolface control, ensuring that directional objectives can be achieved in even the most demanding environments.

Endures HPHT conditions for thru-tubing turbodrilling

With the most power of any slimhole drive system, Neyrfor thru-tubing turbodrills give operators maximum performance. Their concentric design makes them the superior service for low-bottomhole-pressure environments, two-phase fluid gas systems, acidizations, and hot-hole productions.

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Integrated System Delivers
One-Trip Openhole Sidetrack

Kinetic drill bit attached directly to the Trackmaster OH whipstock, powered with a Neyrfor Delta turbodrill.
An integrated drilling system, including a Neyrfor Delta directional turbodrill, provided an operator in Oklahoma with an openhole sidetrack and 75° curve, and the capability to drill the planned section in one trip. Read case study

Turbodrills & Kinetic Bits Provide Directional Control

Kinetic Diamond-Impregnated Drill Bits
Run with the Neyrfor turbodrill, Kinetic diamond-impregnated drill bits are designed for hard, abrasive formations. Visit Kinetic page