PowerDrive Rotary Steerable Systems

Continuous rotation, smoother boreholes, and constant steering

The PowerDrive system is a rotary steerable system (RSS) that lets you optimize directional drilling. Full rotation reduces drag, improves ROP, decreases the risk of sticking, and achieves superior hole cleaning.

A fully rotating steering system

With this steerable drilling system, penetration rates are improved because there are no stationary components to create friction that reduces efficiency and anchors the BHA in the hole. Flow of drilled cuttings past the BHA is enhanced because annular bottlenecks are not created in the wellbore.

PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System

Push-the-bit RSS designed to improve drilling performance, extend applications, and deliver precise wellbore positioning on any rig type worldwide.

PowerDrive Archer High Build Rate Rotary Steerable System

PowerDrive X6 Rotary Steerable System

PowerDrive Xceed Ruggedized Rotary Steerable System

PowerV Vertical Drilling System

The vertical drilling system that drills from spud to TD while automatically keeping the well path vertical.

PowerDrive vorteX Powered Rotary Steerable System

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RSS Drills Successful Runs Under Conventional and Complex Drilling Conditions

PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System
A push-the-bit rotary steerable system with improved drilling performance and precise wellbore positioning.
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