PowerDrive vorteX Powered Rotary Steerable System

More weight on bit for faster drilling speeds

The PowerDrive vorteX powered rotary steerable system (RSS) has a fully integrated, high-torque power section that converts mud hydraulic power to mechanical energy, giving drillers the power to drill faster. In addition to high torque, this fully rotating RSS provides more revolutions per minute, translating to higher weight on bit to improve drilling performance. PowerDrive vorteX RSS is compatible for running with other PowerDrive RSS front ends for maximum rpm, resulting in longer runs.

Downhole control in challenging environments

Using the high-torque RSS improves drilling performance and downhole control even in hard formations. The system is capable of operating in downhole temperatures as high as 150 degC [302 degF]. Automatic downhole control makes it possible to drill a hold section at a higher ROP and with greater accuracy than a conventional-control setup operated from the surface.

Operator in Deepwater Brazil Saves 12 Drilling Days and USD 14.1 Million of AFE

Optimized BHA made significant improvements in drilling performance in hard salt formations. Read case study

Real-time communication and flexible BHA configuration

The PowerDrive vorteX RT powered rotary steerable system (RSS) with wireless communicator combines the power of the PowerDrive vorteX RSS with real-time wireless communication. This system communicates near-bit direction and inclination and LWD information above and below the BHA components to surface, enabling accurate trajectory control and reduced time to land on target.

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Powered RSS Provides Additional Torque for High ROP

PowerDrive VorteX
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